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What is Sylfirm?

Sylfirm is a cutting-edge technology, it uses RP (repeated ultra-short pulses), a new advancement that reacts only to abnormal blood vessels and tissue membrane. By selectively treating abnormal blood vessels, this innovative SR3 technology is able to bring about normalisation of abnormal VEGF overproduction and remodel tissue membrane to stimulate dermal rejuvenation.

Key Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation
Tightening Pores
Fixing Fine Wrinkles
Brightening Skin Tone
Skin Redness
Curing Acne Scars

How it works?

Sylfirm is a quick 30 minute treatment with minimal discomfort. Prior to the treatment, topical anaesthesia (aka numbing cream) is applied. The Sylfirm treatment probe with small needles are then pressed onto the skin during the 10-15 minute treatment. Patients may feel mild discomfort at times.

Key Benefits

Short treatment time (treatment is complete in 10 mins)
Virtually pain-free
Clinically proven results
Effective for complex lesions
Safe for all skin types
NO downtime
Minimally invasive
Virtually no side effects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Results can be seen from a single treatment of Sylfirm. For better results, a program of 5 or more may be suggested, this depends on each individual’s needs.

Pain is minimal and depends on the patient’s skin condition. Majority of patients find the treatment entirely painfree.

Sylfirm takes 10 minutes to complete. Afterwards, you can continue with your daily life and resume regular activities. There is virtually no downtime.

As Sylfirm targets the dermis and minimizes thermo­ stimulation on the epidermis, it is suitable for all skin types. Unlike some other laser treatments, Sylfirm can safely be used on tanned and darker skin tones.

Meet Our Doctors

Every step of the treatment will be customized to your needs by our team of doctors. You are the very reason why we are here.

Dr. Anna Hoo (MD)


  • MD, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Certified International Trainer

Dr. William Hoo (MD)


  • MD, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE – AAAM®

Dr. Ian Tan (MD)


  • MD, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE – AAAM®

Dr. Eileen (MD)

  • MBBS, AIMST University, Malaysia
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Dermatology (South Wales, UK)
  • Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine by IIWAM & European International University (Paris)

Dr. Joyce (MD)

  • MD, Mahsa University
  • Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine ( IIWAM | EIU, Paris)

What Makes Us Special?

THE HOLISTIC AESTHETICS APPROACH – At Anna Hoo Clinic, our patient will never be offered a standard, one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, the patient are prescribed treatments that are tailored to their specific needs rather than generic solutions. This unique approach embraces a variety of modalities in one treatment regime so that patients can reap multiple benefits while minimising side effects from overdosing from one particular treatment.

The treatment plan is based on the belief that each individual is unique with different mental, social and physical needs. Importantly, it digs deep to discover the types of therapies and treatments that best align with the patient’s desires.

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