Double chin is a common condition when more than a layer of fat forms under the chin. Although it isn’t a sign of health problems, many consider them unsightly and can harm one’s self confidence.
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Causes of Double Chin

The most common cause of double chin.

When collagen production starts to decline, skin starts to lose its elasticity and sag. And when the skin under the jaw begins to sag, it gives the impression of carrying extra fat under the chin.

When using a laptop or a smartphone, we tend to tilt our heads down. This causes the platysma muscle, the muscle connecting neck to the chin, to weaken and reduce in elasticity, thus sagging occurs.

Some facial features are more susceptible to developing double chin, especially people with recessive chins and weak jawlines.

If your family members tend to have plump chins, then you’ll be predisposed towards developing one as well.

Causes of Facial Volume Loss

Hormones affect the quality of the fat we produce and where we produce it. As our hormone depletes with age, some of the fat pad on our face reduce in size and other areas expand in size.

Sudden changes in weight and consistent and frequent high-impact exercise can cause hormone changes, inflammation, free radical formation, and mechanical wear/tear… all affecting the volume of our face.

Smoking, UV damage, stress, and pollution. All these produce free radicals which break down collagen and elastin, reducing the “Biological Velcro” that holds our tissues up and prevents gravitational descent.

An excess of harmful sun exposure can also encourage facial volume loss. This is because UV rays penetrate the epidermis and speed up collagen and elastin breakdown. When those two important skin structure components decrease, facial fat can be lost.

Not only do the levels of face fat decline with age, but facial bone mass also reduces. Individuals may also experience facial muscle deterioration to an extent with age, making the middle of the face appear as though it has collapsed.

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