Dr Ian Tan

Certified Medical Aesthetic Practioner

Dr Ian specializes in body aesthetic treatments and is well-experienced on performing many latest state-of-the-art body aesthetic treatments. His aesthetic medical practice embraces on the non-invasive, scientifically proven and tailored-made treatment for the patients to ensure highly effective results.


  • ·M.D., University of Science Malaysia
  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE – AAAM®
  • MMC Registration Number: 44261


Dr Ian Tan obtained his medical degree from the University of Science Malaysia (USM) in 2006. He joined the team at Anna Hoo Clinic in 2014. He is a credentialed LCP (Letter of Credentialing & Privileging) holder issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia for aesthetic medical practice in Malaysia, and holds a diploma from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

He is a firm believer in the concept of aging gracefully. There is no secret potion for immortality and time is not reversible, but it doesn’t mean that one cannot ages well and looks good as one grows older. He favors an integrated approach in
aesthetic medicine which combines scientifically proven aesthetic medical therapy with diet and other lifestyle changes to obtain the best results for his patients.

Specialised On

Body sculpting, fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulites & stretch marks reduction, muscle toning, tattoo removal, keloids and hypertrophic scars treatment.

Areas of Expertise

Health & Wellness

Weight loss program, body inflammation reduction, hormone restoration, nutritional restoration, anti-aging.

Body Treatment

Body sculpting, muscle contouring, fat reduction, cellulites & stretch mark removal, tattoo removal, keloids and hypertrophic scars removal, body hair removal.

Skin Treatment

Skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, acne & acne scars, pigmentary disorders, melasma management, chemical peeling, neuromodulators, wrinkle reduction, pores reduction.

Face Treatment

Botulinum toxin A injection, Dermal filler injection, Hyaluronic acid fillers, non-surgical face lift, thread lifts.

Doctor’s Service

As the Head of Anna Hoo Clinic Body Aesthetic Team, Dr. Ian emphasizes on the importance of advancing the effectiveness and the quality of body aesthetic services. He actively participates in local and international conference and courses to continue sharpen his skills on body aesthetic treatments. He continued to improve himself by attending various aesthetic medical hand-on trainings and workshops organized locally or abroad. Along the way, he obtained various competence certificates for injectable and also for aesthetic medical devices such as fillers, neurotoxins, threads, lasers, radiofrequency devices, ultrasound devices, body sculpting devices and many more.

Meet Our Doctors

Every step of the treatment will be customized to your needs by our team of doctors. You are the very reason why we are here.

Dr. Anna Hoo (MD)


  • MD, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Certified International Trainer

Dr. William Hoo (MD)


  • MD, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE – AAAM®

Dr. Ian Tan (MD)


  • MD, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF AESTHETIC MEDICINE – AAAM®

Dr. Eileen (MD)

  • MBBS, AIMST University, Malaysia
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Dermatology (South Wales, UK)
  • Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine by IIWAM & European International University (Paris)

Dr. Joyce (MD)

  • MD, Mahsa University
  • Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine ( IIWAM | EIU, Paris)

What Makes Us Special?

THE HOLISTIC AESTHETICS APPROACH – At Anna Hoo Clinic, our patient will never be offered a standard, one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, the patient are prescribed treatments that are tailored to their specific needs rather than generic solutions. This unique approach embraces a variety of modalities in one treatment regime so that patients can reap multiple benefits while minimising side effects from overdosing from one particular treatment.

The treatment plan is based on the belief that each individual is unique with different mental, social and physical needs. Importantly, it digs deep to discover the types of therapies and treatments that best align with the patient’s desires.

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